Welcome to the LinkedIn Healthcheck™

You are about to compare yourself with a number of statements that relate to your LinkedIn™ profile. These statements fall into 14 different areas that cover your 'Brand' and your activities on LinkedIn™. To help you answer the questions as accurately as possible you may want to take a moment to load your LinkedIn™ profile in another window or tab for your reference.

For each question select the statement that best matches your profile, or the activities you engage in, before continuing to the next question. When you have finished you will be emailed a copy of your free LinkedIn Healthcheck™ report.

Your progress through the 14 questions of the healthcheck can be seen in the top right corner of the page. A blue number represents completed questions whilst a green number represents your current question. The grey numbers represent the number of questions you have remaining. If you would like to go back at any time to change an answer simply click on the number and you will be taken back to this question.

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